Friday, August 24, 2012

For (Not)Want of a Nail

Worktime: For about the 5th time in the last seven years, some idiot left debris in the road which punctured one of my tires, so I had to waste 1 1/2 hours getting a patch. But I brought Chris Sinkinson’s Christian Confidence to read, so it wasn’t a total loss; that can be a Ticker review later.

I have also decided, based on stats for this blog, that there's probably no need to continue it beyond today. The main purpose was to provide a sort of documentation for the amount of work I do, and I think nearly 1000 posts will serve as an adequate sample. So, consider this a sign off post for the Anti-Blog. I won't delete it, and maybe someday I can find a new use for it.

E-Block: Posted new issue and sent passwords.

Blogorama: Ticker post. Comments:

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TektonTV: Loaded item on Jer. 29:11. Also laid out soundtracks for the next three vids. Comments:

Answered/posted: 11
Approved: 17

Other:  Did an upload.   

E-mails answered/written since last time: 23

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