Thursday, April 14, 2011

Orlando Public Library Stanks

Building Blocks: Really bad news. My local library system stopped interlibrary loan service, and I had hoped that maybe I could get it through a local college library. But that’s no good either. So the next Building Blocks book will take a lot longer than it would have otherwise. (On the upside, that means I can lower my fundraiser amount.)

E-Block: Nothing today because of the “other” below (re travel).

Blogorama: Forge post. Comments:

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TektonTV: Got started on a new project I’ll call H2. Today, 34 seconds of art-production. Comments:

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Other: Finished composing the “post mortem” material for the debate in Sacramento. Also wasted a lot of time getting arrangements for travel to the ISCA conference. Much thanks to spring break morons for hogging up all the rental cars.

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