Friday, January 14, 2011

MLK Away

Worktime: Spent about ¼ on the day on USDA work…next week my survey targets have a conference, so I will only work this on Tuesday as I process my new hire. Also will be off Monday for the holiday, mostly.

E-Block: Finished article on Mark Hitchcock for the Ghosts of End Times Present series.

Blogorama: One post on the Ticker, and one on the Forge.

TektonTV: 1 minutes, 40 seconds of art/production on Project N2. It’s now done at 7:17. I do need to write an accessory essay to go with it, so it should be up next week on Wednesday. Also wrote a script for the next one which I’ll call Project E.

E-mails answered/written since last time: 16

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