Friday, December 10, 2010

Mail Fail

E-Block: Wrote the article on Bob Fraley’s Last Days in America.

Blogorama: One post on the Ticker, one on the Forge. Also approved 1 comment.

TektonTV: Finished art/production for Project 5. Total time done: 1 minutes, 31 seconds. The film ended up being 8:58. On Monday I will do final checks for Project 5, finish an accessory essay, and then load all three films in the set (Projects 1, 5, 8). Also replied to 1 comment, added 1, and approved 1 that required no comment.

Other: Had to waste time wrangling with my email program because ATT changed settings (again) without notice (again). Awful nice of them.

E-mails answered/written since last time: 19

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