Monday, November 8, 2010

TV Times

This includes some work in spare time over the weekend.

E-Block: Finished work on the “E Survey.” and did more on Part 4 of the Buddha copycat series.

Blogorama: One post on the Ticker, two on the Forge. Also answered two comments.

TektonTV: More production for the “hell” film. To make this more quantifiable, from now on I’ll indicate how many seconds of film I created. Since last time – 2 minutes, 23 seconds.

By the way, I can usually do an average of 15 seconds a day on a film, where the complication factor is average. The last few scenes were fairly simple and did not take as long as normal.

Other: Formulated a rough table of contents for the next book (on doctrine). Also wrote up a brief item on a Bible contradiction per reader request, which will be posted Wednesday, next upload.

E-mails answered/written since last time: 22

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