Friday, August 27, 2010

September Priorities

Here’s a note for the next week…I’ll be launching the next E-Block on Sept. 1 (Wednesday), along with the response to The Christian Delusion. In between I’ll also fit in what I can on past projects like the Tekton Annotated Bible.

After that, the whole of September will be devoted solely to three things:

First: Project Y. I had to drop that for a while because of time constraints. It required some major time set aside, which I will now have.

Second: The next E-Block after this one (which will be out late October).

Third: Other background work on a project to be announced….

And I may do some other stuff in between if time allows.

E-Block: Finished reading Leonard Sweet’s Postmodern Pilgrims and transcribed notes. Then started the article.

Intellitract: Did page 3, the last one. Then sent it all to the printer. Now we wait.

Project TAB: Did the 2 Timothy commentary.

E-mails answered/written since last time: 35

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